Story Mode

Story Mode is an in depth analysis of what makes a compelling story experience in games.

How Horizon Zero Dawn Creates A Rich World The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is colourful, vibrant and enjoyable to explore but most impressively features an endearing protagonist and excels with a story that is part mystery, part sci-fi.

The Unexpected Comeback Story of No Man’s Sky No Man's SkyNo Man’s Sky suffered from too much time in the spotlight, too many promises mid-development and an underwhelming release but the game has emerged revitalised with NEXT.

How Until Dawn Keeps Players Invested In Its Characters Until DawnUntil Dawn keeps players invested in its characters via player choice, hinting at danger along with fantastic writing and performances from a stellar cast.

Was Assassin’s Creed Origins a Successful Refresh of the Series? Assassin's Creed OriginsAssassin’s Creed took a year off in 2016 but did the time away help the series refresh the story and characters from previous titles?

How Life is Strange Tells A Different Kind of Episodic Story Life is StrangeLife is Strange’s story succeeds on many levels: as a high school murder mystery, an exploration of time travel and a tale of loss, family and friendship.

How Batman: Arkham Knight Presents A Thrilling Conclusion Arkham KnightBatman: Arkham Knight is familiar territory for the series but with Arkham Knight Rocksteady managed to craft a highly cinematic and thrilling conclusion to Batman and Bruce Wayne’s story while still leaving plenty of room for lingering questions.