The Story Quest is a celebration of all things story related in video games. From epic, lengthy RPG’s to poignant, shorter indie titles, The Story Quest will cover them all offering analysis, discussion and celebrating successful storytelling in games.

Articles you read on The Story Quest will often be long form, in-depth pieces – there are no plans currently for news or reviews – supplemented with images, video of key scenes and facts and figures around a game.

As the name suggests, the main focus of the content will be story and everything that goes into making a great video game narrative such as plot, tone, character, presentation and structure. That isn’t to say gameplay won’t be mentioned (after all story and gameplay inform on one another) but it won’t be the main focus of the site.

Articles will be posted twice a week for the time being – this is currently a solo project – however there will be room for more frequent additions in the future.

Whether you agree or disagree with points being made in articles feel free to enter the comments and join the discussion.

Thank you for using The Story Quest.